Food, music, wine and ambiance: In the eyes of Chef Steven Geddes, all are crucial factors to a dining experience.

Geddes opened Local 127 on Sept. 15, in the former Pigall’s downtown. His background in food and wine began with French chef André Rochat in Las Vegas during the 1980s. “I became very passionate about wine,” he says. “I was from a family that didn’t travel. To me, it was kind of like traveling around the world,”

Geddes was certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, worked at Southern Wine & Spirits, created the acclaimed wine tower at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole restaurant, and taught hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “I became burned out,” he adds. “I had been studying, teaching, traveling. I always said that the day when wine becomes work, I would go back to my first passion, which is in the kitchen.”

So Geddes left six-figures to be a line cook earning eight dollars an hour. He soon moved up in the industry, traveling to Europe and working at several restaurants before opening Alchemy Kitchen and Raw Bar. Geddes then helped other chefs open restaurants, but soon wanted to open his own in a new locale.

His requirements: It had to be urban, just under the radar, and have easy access to agriculture. He had never traveled to Cincinnati when he heard of the vacancy at Pigall’s. “When we got here, people kept asking, why Cincinnati? My answer is, why not? Because this place is fantastic,” Geddes explains.

He and sous chef Kyle Johnson say the menu will change daily and feature seasonal ingredients, including the best local fruits and vegetables, livestock, wines and grains. The art juxtaposes styles, with Rookwood pottery beside contemporary paintings. The butcher tables, crystal wine glasses, open kitchen and swanky lounge are all meant to enhance the experience.

“If you have extremely high standards, focus on executing those standards, and let the food shine through, you’ll have a pure, clean, honest product that connects with people,” Geddes concludes.