Welcome to the inaugural edition of Cincy Life. One short year ago, we published our first issue of Cincy Business "” a sister publication to Ohio Magazine "” and since have come to fully realize what a vibrant community of leaders we have in the Tristate.

One thing we learned quickly: Cincinnati is a giving town, and by getting involved in charity here, we can also lead.

Cincy Business is about your passions, and, more often than not, we saw how the people we captured in the magazine were the same ones who energetically support nonprofits and their charitable events.

Similar to the need we filled with Cincy Business, we are excited at the opportunity to bring you Cincy Life: Your Charitable Events Magazine.

This magazine "” glossy, colorful, and full of interesting stories on those committed to local causes "” will tell you about the people who provide the backbone for these inspiring organizations. You'll also find fun pictures of you and your friends who help raise money at all the benefits, galas, auctions, and the like.

Our online partner, Kintera "” the leader in Web-based fund-raising and online marketing for charitable and nonprofit organizations "” has worked with Cincy Life to reach a wider audience and with local nonprofits to improve access to their message.

Coming out of the gate, we acknowledge the support of our key sponsors, Anthem, Cincinnati Museum Center, Camargo Rental, and the Schiff Family Conference Center. They have recognized the potential of Cincy Life as a community resource and are committed to improving life in Greater Cincinnati.

I invite you to read on. There is a lot happening in the next quarter that requires donations of our time, effort, and assets. Cincy Life is here to inform, so we can all lead from the front.