Ask any business decision makers what they feel is most important to their success, and you will probably get a pretty logical answer: revenue. Beyond that it gets into the details, and although they are very interesting, I think the focus on revenue is something that most will agree on.

However, we here at Cincy magazine thrive on those other details, hopefully allowing you to learn more about what is happening behind the scenes with the many unique companies and people here in the Tristate. One question, in particular, we have asked through the years seems to consistently get diverse replies: “Outside of your business, what does success mean to you for our region – the Tristate – when it comes to economic development and mutual prosperity?”

Along with the myriad of responses, we have gathered that there is a growing divide between those “emerging” regions and companies, and their opinion of representation, versus others that are more politically entrenched.

Putting these three topics together, Revenue, Representation and Regionalism, is the basis and the reason why we felt that we needed to launch the Tristate Success Awards, featured in this magazine, including an event on April 21, with University of Cincinnati President Gregory Williams as our keynote speaker.

The Tristate Success Awards will honor not only Private Companies, but also Emerging and Public Companies, to bring all three sectors together for an evening of fun and some well deserved positive recognition of businesses that are sustaining and increasing both their revenue and employees as they also make a positive impact on our community. This event came into being with the assistance of some great organizations and people, who formed an independent committee that selected the winning companies you will see profiled in our Cincy Business section (Page 66). I would like to thank those below for the dedication of their time and talents:

Kim Curtis, Humana
David Engel, The Malibu Group
Mary Falls-Becker, Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Karen Finan, Northern Kentucky Tri-ED
Jessica Franks, TechSolve
Brian Gillan, Wood & Lamping
Pat Longo, HCDC, Incubator
Mark Policinski, OKI
Mark Renske, Hylant Group
Mike Rozow, Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce
Ryan Rybolt, Innovative Finance Technologies
Renita Scales, Humana
Dr. Dennis Ulrich, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Tom Westerfield, Dinsmore & Shohl

It is my hope that the annual Tristate Success Awards will become an event that is not to be missed by anyone who wants to find out how these local companies are succeeding, even in these tough economic times. Also, it should be a forum, with all eight counties and three states of the Tristate represented, to share opinions about what success means for our region and our prosperity.