Pop quiz! Name the only international restaurant chain that’s based in Greater Cincinnati.

If you said “Buffalo Wings and Rings,” you’re absolutely correct. From its headquarters in Union Township in Clermont County, the company franchises eateries all the way from Kuwait to Korea, as well as coast to coast in the United States.

But it’s only at nearby Eastgate Mall that you’ll find a Buffalo Wings and Rings that operates as a corporate “test kitchen,” a facility that serves as the restaurant training center for franchisers worldwide. The general public may not see the high-tech kitchen — outfitted with video cameras to record chefs as they learn new dishes — but they’ll see the difference in the Eastgate menu (as compared to the national menu posted on the Wings and Rings web site): Try the Cajun and Teriyaki Burgers ($6.99), the Pizza Burger topped with marinara, mozzarella and provolone ($6.99), or sample a Greek Isle Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette ($5.99).

“We treat them like guinea pigs,” says Philip Schram, the president and CEO, of his far-flung Wings and Rings franchisers. “They come to Cincinnati for a good six weeks of training.”

Founded in 1988 (in Cincinnati, not Buffalo), Wings and Rings is ranked the No. 1 fastest-growing food chain nationwide by Restaurant Business. The company celebrated a milestone in August by opening its 50th location in Weslaco, Texas.

“As our 50th location, Weslaco represents how far — and how fast — this fantastic company has spread its wings, so to speak,” Schram quips.