While a converted house in Hyde Park was great for mortgage company Guaranteed Rate when Ron Erdmann founded the Cincinnati location five years ago Erdmann knew it was time to move on last year.

“We started with only myself and one employee a little over five years ago and now we have over 35 employees locally,” says Erdmann, the branch manager and senior vice president of mortgage lending for Guaranteed Rate in Cincinnati. “At one point we had three offices all in Hyde Park. We ran out of space and we went building to building with three offices all in the same ZIP code. It was time to combine into one space.”

After some searching, Erdmann found the ideal space at 2101 Grandin Road in O’Bryonville.

“It represents the company. The space is modern and sharp, it’s transparent and open, it’s efficient,” he says.

Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage company that mixes technology with a personal touch. On the company’s website potential homebuyers can learn about the company, run calculations to see their potential mortgage payments, look at information about property taxes and house insurance and even apply for a mortgage. But, adds Erdmann, “I think that only goes so far. A lot of times when someone’s a first-time homebuyer they want to know that somebody here is local in Cincinnati who knows the real estate market, who can sit down with them in person and kind of map things out. It’s one thing to look at everything online and read articles but it’s another to sit down with somebody and actually take a pen and paper out and just map out what a house payment looks like, how we calculate their income, how we look at the data and percentages and common things like that.”

Home Chic Home
In addition to his position with Guaranteed Rate, Ron Erdmann also wants to assist homebuyers with all of their home needs. He is partnering with Cincy Chic to create Home Chic Home, a website that will provide lifestyle content, design tips and ideas, expert resources and information on service providers.

“There’s a reason somebody is buying a house. Home Chic Home is a celebration of what homebuyers do afterwards and what kind of design they chose for the house—if they did renovations, if they’re having house parties or house warming parties or if they’re celebrating their kids’ first birthday or if they’re downsizing to a new place. The site is the pictures and the design and the fun part of owning a house,” says Erdmann, branch manager and senior vice president of mortgage lending for Guaranteed Rate in Cincinnati.

The website is currently live and readers can visit the website to sign up for the site’s exclusive Insider List.
That combination of modern technology and personal customer service is reflected in the space. The open layout and glassed-in offices and conference rooms allow visitors to see employees hard at work, while the modern design reflects the company’s technological aspects.

The company’s new location has been so embraced by its partners and clients that Guaranteed Rate now holds regular events at its office. From Realtor lunch-and-learns to client celebrations, Guaranteed Rate has been able to host a variety of events in the new office.

“Because of the open space, we had an opening party last fall. We had bartenders here and the place was absolutely full of people,” says Erdmann. “We had an event here a couple weeks ago where a financial planner came in and he talked about personal budgeting.”

Outside of the office, the company hosts other events like an FC Cincinnati game for clients, Realtors, CPAs and other companies Guaranteed Rate works with and its annual Palooza, a party for clients and partners that was conducted at the Backstage Event Center last year.

“We had a live band, we had a cigar bar and we had open bar. It was a fun event that allowed Realtors and financial planners and other people to get a feel for what our culture’s like,” adds Erdmann.

Erdmann hopes that the new office will continue to attract new clients, as well as new employees and partners.

“I’ll post a picture on Facebook and they’ll say, ‘Hey, I saw your new office space, can I meet you there?’ Which is cool because before we were going to them and now people are always asking to come to here,” he says.