When asked if she was always an animal lover, Grace Wilson smiles and looks at her husband. “Yeah, Jeff kind of teases me about that,” she says. “He says he should have looked at my baby pictures.”
“She’s with a dog, she’s with a pony, she’s with a rabbit.” Jeff laughs. “I should have run, but they never showed me those pictures. They held them until after the wedding.”

Those photographs help explain why the Wilson’s contemporary residence in Taylor Mill is also home to — at last count — five dogs and 10 cats who are family members, along with up to 10 foster cats and one foster dog. (And here’s a pleasant surprise: Their comfy place is clean and odor-free.)

Some 13 years ago, Grace became interested in volunteering at the Boone County Animal Shelter. “There had been newspaper articles talking about the need for some volunteers, and that’s when I decided ‘Well, all they need is one good volunteer, and we’ll be able to save all these animals from being euthanized’.”

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