Few can claim their last name as a brand. But mention the word “Rumpke” anywhere in this region, and there’s little doubt what family you are talking about.

Look to the right and you’ll see seven faces to put with the name: Bill Rumpke Sr., Bill Rumpke Jr., Todd Rumpke, Jeff Rumpke, Andy Rumpke, Mike Bramkamp and Phil Wehrman. Bill Sr. is the president and CEO, his son Bill Jr. is the COO; his nephew Todd, sons Jeff and Andy, and son-in-law Mike are all regional vice presidents; and his other son-in-law, Phil, is the CFO and treasurer.

Some might say this is an example of extreme nepotism, but in truth, Rumpke really is a family business, and it has always been that way. Including the core Rumpke clan, more than 100 family members work in various positions throughout the company.

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