Building a new home is a personal process. Even if you prefer a more traditional style, some trends have the staying power to endure well after the building season is over. Homebuilders in the North are keeping up to date with what homeowners want. Ray and Jill Neverovich, of Drees Homes and DJN Design Services, Inc. respectively, gave us the skinny on what’s en vogue in 2015.

Ranch Homes

You can bet the ranch that this trend, although pricier per square foot than a two-story home, will be here to stay.

“We get a lot of people asking for ranches. It’s making a comeback,” says Ray, who is the North division president for Drees Homes.

Drees Homes has its own ranch model, The Hartwell, in Loveland’s Belle Meadows community. Ray attributes the ranch’s popularity to an aging population and that it’s a lifestyle choice where people can stay for a long time. It’s also convenient to have everything on one floor.

Open Floor Plans

This trend keeps the family together. Drees came out with a series of homes called “Clarity,” which includes a breakfast seating area, family room and kitchen all in one area. Most popular with 30- to 40-somethings, the open floor plan allows the whole family to be together, cooking, working on a laptop or just hanging out.

“Jill and I don’t tie ourselves to our workstation in our office like we used to,” Ray says.

Minimalism & Clean Lines

This is a big trend for 2015 in homebuilding and in interior design. It’s all about reducing clutter by removing unnecessary details.

“It’s appreciating the features of the home versus a lot of over embellishment,” says Jill, owner of DJN Design Services, adding that there’s a lot of clean accessorizing as well. “There’s definitely a trend toward a minimalist look.”

For example, homeowners are choosing recessed lighting instead of ornate fixtures in their dining rooms because there’s more flexibility for furniture placement. Simple window treatments, in both the Rowan and Hartwell models, are another trend keeping a minimalist feel to the home.

“[It] should soften the space and finish off the window… keep natural light,” Jill says.

Drop Zone

After a long day at work, it’s a relief to just come home and drop your keys, phone, and coat or rain boots off in an area that keeps the rest of your home free from clutter. And with storage solutions, the drop zone can be an organizer’s dream. And Ray says Drees includes a drop zone in almost every home they have.


Outdoor sanctuaries are a huge trend, says Ray. Whether you want a screened-in or covered porch, you can get a lot of mileage throughout the year. There are just so many options, including a fireplace, an entertainment cove with a TV, stereo and walk-up bar, comfortable outdoor furniture, or a cozy cabana right next to your pool.

“It’s just great,” says Ray. “It feels like another room—an outdoor room.”