Planter by Heather Stewart Harvey. $58 | Heather Stewart Harvey, who is from Portland, Maine, uses the pottery wheel to create pots, vases, bottles and bowls. Her work is unglazed, but treated so that it is food-safe and watertight.
Planter by Sarah Veak. $64 | Veak, an artist from Kansas City, Missouri, is known for her functional pieces that engage the senses in both appearance and texture.

Walnut Cincinnati Skyline. $38 | Available in store only, the sign is 4”x9” and is created using walnut.

Personalized Coordinates Barn Wood Plaque. $84 | Sourced from wood collected in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, each piece is unique. Each plaque is made to order, using the coordinates of a place chosen by the buyer.

Frame City Icon – Roebling Bridge. 14”x7” $120, 22”x26” $196 | Drawn out by Grainwell’s designers, the piece is created using natural birch wood and stained walnut and then framed in black painted Italian wood molding with glass.

Bud Vase with Sprig. $22 | Luna Gifts & Botanicals says these are a very popular option to add some life to a shelf.

Moon art by Moondrop. Large $80, small $50 | Created by a local artist, these paintings are hand-painted recreations of the moon.

From CGCERAMICS: Low Mug, $42. Cylinder Vase, $44. Candlestick, $28. | Hand-dipped candles from Danica Design in Rockland, Maine. $4.75/pair.

Artisan-made Canna Basket. $89

Blown glass Rocks Glass by Jared Rosenacker. $32 each | Created by a local artist, the glasses are available in gold, purple and oak grain.

Alabaster Compotes. Small $175, large $235 | Carved in a sculptural, undulating design, these compotes can be featured on a dining room table, shelf or mantel or used to hold a hurricane candle.

Pink Inlayed Bone Chest. $2,950 | The chest, which has its intricate details inlayed by hand, can be used as either a bedside table or as an accent piece. It’s also available in a seven-drawer version in colors that include brown, black and blue.