Just off Interstate 75 in West Chester is an 80,000-square-foot facility housing the world’s largest train display and a plethora of family fun. EnterTRAINment Junction boasts a 25,000-square-foot display, and hours of fun and activities the entire family can enjoy. Akin to an indoor theme park, the facility offers a railroad museum, children’s play area, train rides and the A-maze-N Funhouse: The Greatest Funhouse on Earth.

EnterTRAINment Junction is “as much for adults as it is for kids,” says Don Oeters, owner and founder. “We have American history, train history and the playground has been expanded.”

The funhouse is the newest attraction at the facility, and Oeters describes it as an old-fashioned carnival-style attraction.

“The Funhouse has five different attractions for adults and kids,” says Oeters. “It is a diverse area where you can have fun.”

Curtain Chaos, Clown College, Mirror Maze, Crazy Caper and Outer Limits: Journey Through The Black Hole all have something wacky and imaginative waiting to entertain visitors.

More than two miles of train tracks take visitors on a ride through three distinct eras of history. Meticulously handcrafted towns and villages are situated along the tracks throughout the different periods of time, and the large G-scale trains surround visitors from below eye level to 11 feet in the air. Over 150,000 man-hours went into constructing the massive attraction.

Every detail in EnterTRAINment Junction entices visitors to appreciate the history of trains, from the cascading waterfall that fills the rivers and lakes to the intricate tracks. Four different areas are set up as the Train Journey in the facility. One of these displays is the 1,000-square-foot replica of historic Coney Island Amusement Park, complete with working roller coasters such as the Shooting Star. Imagination Junction is a kid’s dream, Kids’ Express allows them to be conductors of hand-cranked locomotives and the Narrow Gauge Kids’ Train seasonal ride makes a one-of-a-kind visit.

The American Railroad Museum offers visitors, young and old, a glimpse into the history of the railroad and how it affects various parts of the socioeconomic structure of the country. Finally, the Great Train Expo Center is an ever-changing, multi-purpose space that is home to the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. Artifacts and displays are featured here, and the space can also be used for meetings, special events, swap meets, and miniature and train shows.

EnterTRAINment Junction is respected and loved worldwide, and visitors of any background and age appreciate the history of the American Railroad. “Four generations [of people] enjoy coming here,” says Oeters. “We have [over] 37 countries on our guestbook, people from all over.” Oeters boasts that EnterTRAINment Junction is one of the only facilities about entertainment along with the history of the railroad. Special offers are sometimes available online, and the facility has no shortage of excitement and entertainment.