Ask David B. O'Maley to describe a few of his favorite things, and the conversation will quickly turn to talk of wingspans, fuselage and hydraulics.

The affable chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ohio National Financial Services, makes no secret of his passion. Indeed, he's created a very public museum for it: The Tristate Warbird Museum in Batavia.

"Right now we have a total of five that are flying," says '™Maley of the World War II era fighter planes, housed in a complex which opened a year ago at the Clermont County Airport. "Plus we have two that are in restoration."

'™Maley points to piles of aircraft parts that will eventually come together as a Chance-Vought (Goodyear) FG-1D Corsair. "When that's done and put together, it will be one of 12 in the world flying."

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