It’s no secret golf courses are trying to grow their market by trying new things.

One of the newest is Extreme Golf at Shawnee Lookout Golf Course in North Bend, one of the seven courses of Great Parks of Hamilton County.

“We’re just trying to cater to a different crowd who maybe want to try something new and different on the golf course,” says Doug Stultz, Great Parks golf manager.

One feature is the course’s own version of foot golf, an increasingly popular way to play by kicking a soccer ball from tee to green instead of using clubs and a golf ball. Shawnee’s version, called Extreme Foot Golf, involves kicking a soccer ball up and down the back nine of the course’s hilly terrain. Players count their kicks until the ball comes to rest on the green. Available on late afternoons Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the fee is $9.50 for nine holes. Players can bring their own ball or use one from the course at no charge.

“Our only restriction is we don’t allow soccer cleats because they could damage the greens,” he says.

For golfers looking for a cycling workout, Shawnee Lookout now has Golf Bikes, similar to mountain bikes with a built-in golf club carrier, to replace a motorized cart. Shawnee has four of the fat-tire, six-gear bikes to pedal around the course.

The cost to rent a Golf Bike is $5 for nine holes or $10 for 18 holes, plus green fees.

“It’s a little cheaper than our carts because you’re doing all the work,” says Stultz.

Finally, Shawnee is introducing Fling Golf, a cross between traditional golf and lacrosse gaining visibility nationally.

Instead of a traditional set of clubs, Fling Golfers use one modified stick to fling, rather than hit, their golf ball down the fairway. On the green, the fling stick has a flat side, like a hockey stick, to putt the ball into the hole. The course has four Fling Sticks available at no charge, plus green fees, for golfers who want to try it. A feature of Fling Golf, other than only needing one club, is that regular and Fling Golfers can play side-by-side, says Stultz.

“My hope as a golf professional is if we can get somebody to try something new and different, they may come back the next time for a regular round of golf,” he says. “If we turn a non-golfer into a golfer, that’s great. If we expose somebody to something new, that’s great too.”

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