There are three things you can't outsource: plumbing, politics and power. We are excited to cover the latter two of those subjects in this month's edition. One feature in particular does just that "” our annual Power 100 list, which focuses on the wh'™s who of movers and shakers who have the influence to change our region.

We have no doubt that power comes in international and national forms. But the reason that we hope you read us is for the insight into the Tristate, beyond the headlines. A focused approach at providing local content is what makes our team at the magazine tick. Tip '™Neill famously said, "All politics is local." So we'll just stick with Tip and say that all power is too, at least in our city.

Our editorial staff asked this key question when determining our power rankings: If this person called you personally to ask for a legitimate request or favor, how willing would you be to help fulfill it? The answer has allowed us to clearly establish the difference between popularity and power. We most often conclude that a strong business leader has influence over our daily lives much more than the media gives them credit, and he or she has more access to other pathways of influence than many politicians do.

By any measure, we have no doubt about the power that the Lindner family has in Greater Cincinnati. The stories pouring out since the passing of Carl Lindner Jr. in October have given us all a much deeper understanding of the family's interests and positive impact upon our community. We were pleased with the level of access we were granted in interviewing the Lindners for our exclusive cover story and are grateful for it. As a point of disclosure, Contributing Editor Peter Bronson assisted the Lindner family with media coverage of the memorial for Carl H. Lindner Jr. We are delighted to offer a conversation with Carl's three son's, two of which, Carl III and Craig, are on the cover.

We have much more to share in this issue beyond our Power 100 feature, and we hope you get as much joy reading it as we did putting it together.