"It's in the way that you use it
Boy don't you know
So don't you abuse it
Man don't let it go..."

It's a song by "Slow Hand" Eric Clapton which sums it up. Yes, it's that time of year again"”time for "The Power 100," now our 3rd annual edition. This is an issue that our whole staff looks forward to: We weigh in on the bottom-line question in order to drive all the potential candidates down to a manageable list to put into print. Our criteria? If any given candidate was making a call to ask a favor, how motivated would the person be on the other end to follow up? Notoriety means taking the call; power demands attention.

But the research is more than that and it's all in good fun because we truly feel that the majority of those ranked not only have power, but identify with Slow Hand, as they generally "use it" to leverage resources and human will towards goals which often help others.

Since launching the feature, we have learned a good deal from those who are on the list, and those who are not. We have heard from those who thought they should be on the list, and from those who are, but would have wished to be ignored. Some may forget the power they yield and have to be reminded, while others lose sight and "abuse it" until the people bring them back to earth come election time or in the courtroom.

Sticking to the song's theme, those on the list that have stayed year in and year out have figured it out"”"don't let it go." Whether driving their company's bottom line or keeping clear of obstacles, those whom are perennials have what it takes to move mountains and, most importantly, make a lasting impact on our community.

We really do welcome feedback and enjoy hearing what you think. Did I mention that the song comes from the movie The Color of Money? The feature starts on page 46. Rack 'em up.