Porsche has introduced its latest creation, the new 911 to the world recently and the local Porsche dealers have introduced it to the tri-state.  This latest offering from the "Intelligent Design" folks resets the standard for comfort and performance as every 911 has, since the debut of the model in 1963, the car is nothing short of fantastic.
The race bred technology is melded with the ability to drive and enjoy the car every day.  Tradition dictates that the new 911 outperforms its predecessors in driving dynamics, considering the 911 model has over 30,000 racing victories, this aspect challenged the engineers to their utmost.  All of the history, design, creativity, desire and passion that exemplify the iconic brand was unveiled at Porsche of the Village on Friday February 3, 2012 for the tri-state to see.  A group of invited guests got the first look at the car and the changes that will keep the competition scrambling to catch up - again!
As the cover slid off the car one could tell that this was a very different 911, lower, wider, longer and even more striking than previous models.  Advanced aerodynamics play a significant role in the shaping the vehicle for maximum performance.  Jim Woodall and the group on Plainville Rd in Mariemont, with an assist from the Porsche US representatives, wowed the crowd with their usual gracious hospitality and were well prepared to answer the many questions coming from the enthusiastic crowd.  Test drives were scheduled for the following days in the 911 Carrera, and it did not take long for those in attendance to pick their time to drive this stunning piece of engineering.
Tuesday afternoon was my time to get behind the wheel and become familiar with this all new model, many thanks to Bruce Harnish for guiding me through the experience.  We took a drive down Columbia Parkway, my usual route to the Cincy Magazine World HQ, a most exhilarating experience to say the least.  The most outstanding aspect of this high performance machine was the ride quality, even in "Sport" mode the car offers a very comfortable platform free of the jarring, harshness usually associated with high powered sports cars.  This car has a Janus like quality when it comes to comfort and performance unlike any other vehicle I have experienced, great road feel without feeling the road at every bump and ripple in the pavement.
A complete rundown of the driving experiences and characteristics of the car in next month's issue on the third Thursday of March.  We review the technical tidbits and performance characteristics along with what makes this car so special.   In the meantime take a few moments and stop by your local friendly Porsche dealer and take a look at the new 911 "” it will not disappoint.