I can’t remember when exactly I thought to care about my parents’ profession in magazines. My father had started his first magazine right around when I was born. What I do know is that there was clearly a time growing up that I cared less about reading where the best place to get my shirt dry-cleaned was than where best to go play and get the same shirt grass-stained. And now, here I am, reading the Love Cincy Awards feature, figuring out myself how many places awarded I agree with and the many still yet to experience.

Obviously, my interests have changed. Now, as an owner of the company, so has my level of buy-in for my family’s profession. I find myself scratching my head trying to faintly remember some conversation years ago between my parents about some business situation and how it played out to try applying the lessons learned today. Such integral information is obviously only pertinent for those who care and have a stake.

I think this issue is packed with things where many of us share an interest. It took last year’s windstorm for me to come to a realization of how we all share in Duke Energy’s capabilities. The story on page 56 is our effort to learn more, and share with you what we found. On page 75, you will read how we have one of the biggest media companies in the world, E.W. Scripps, right here in our back yard. It seems like discussions come up every day about the fate of the modern day newspaper, and here, CEO Rich Boehne shares his thoughts for us all.

With the Love Cincy Awards feature, I would like to thank many of you who submitted input and nominations for the editorial team to review. We had so many last year, we knew that we needed to run this feature again this year. This time wasn’t any different.With countless nominations, we could put it together that many of you really care about our Tristate region. We are proud to be your outlet to share not only what you love about Cincy, but also what is important to us all.