I was eating a burrito outside the Hyde Park Chipotle when a sophisticated-looking couple approached: a woman with long blonde hair wearing huge sunglasses (although it was 9:30 p.m.) and an adorable little white dog, its eyes and nose like black buttons amid its waves of fur.
After hearing about how the white Maltese of billionaire Leona Helmsley inherited $12 million, I wondered how this local dog, which looked fairly similar, would spend that kind of money.

Cincinnati may be less expensive than where Helmsley’s dog will live, but — as we explore in this month’s Executive Living feature — there are plenty of luxury resorts and boutiques where  a pooch can splurge. I pictured the dog cruising over the Roebling Bridge with its head out a limo window, hitting Wiggly Field with celebrity friends (maybe Nick Lachey’s dog?), and dining from Montgomery Inn doggie bags.
But what if it didn’t blow all thatmoney in its lifetime? Having no puppies (or pets) of its own, would it leave some money to charity?
After all, there are a lot of less fortunate dogs here. SPCA Cincinnati receives about 18,500 animals each year, says Operations Manager Andy Mahlman. About half of them are lost, while the other half are turned in by owners.

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