When Dr. Paul Keck was perusing an Institute of Medicine report on mental health care in America, he envisioned a new kind of comprehensive center for psychiatric services.

“That report is a pretty pessimistic thing at the outset,” Keck recalls. “But it goes on to give a blueprint on how the delivery of care ought to be. For people who are not covered by a system, there isn’t an integrated in-and-out treatment center.”

Craig Lindner, the American Financial Group executive, and his wife, Frances, already had conceived a private facility to integrate primary care with clinical research on mental health. Their dream, and Keck’s, become real in August, when the Lindner Center of Hope opens in Mason. Keck will be at the helm, while remaining a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

The center for adolescents and adults with mental health needs is funded by a $30 million gift from the Lindners and Craig’s parents, Carl H. and Edyth Lindner Jr. It will be jointly operated by The Health Alliance and the Lindner Foundation, and staffed by UC physicians.

The facility has multiple purposes: short-term outpatient care and long-term, live-in therapy, research and raising raising the public’s awareness and understanding. “One of our missions will be education,” Keck notes. “We view ourselves as a resource, not just for people coming to us for treatment but as a place to get information for physical disorders.

“People struggle for years before finally getting into see an expert to get the right diagnosis or treatment,” he adds.

The Lindner Center seeks to integrate service and specialists in a convenient, calm and inviting atmosphere, without the typical waiting room scenes or frenzied hospital environments. For the residential patients, Keck hopes they feel like they’re in a comfortable lodge.

“If we get it half right, it should be a wonderful thing for the community,” Keck predicts.