Nice piece on Erich Kunzel (“Cruising With the Pops’ Erich Kunzel,” Summer 2008). He is quite amazing actually. I think his energy comes from doing what he loves.
—Rosemary Weathers Burnham
Fort Mitchell

I am so happy you shared the story of David Lyman and his world travels (“If This Is Tuesday, This Must Be Oslo,” Summer 2008). I, too, have witnessed people way older than their years and firmly believe in living a life full of fun, mystery and travel! I look forward to reading more about people like David who inspire, motivate, and enjoy life.
—Alison Miuccio
West Chester

I enjoyed reading Frank Farmer Loomis’ antiquing tips (“Scoping Out the Past,” Summer 2008), but I was surprised to see Trader’s World and the Turtle Creek Flea Market in Monroe missing from the list. I’ve discovered more gems there than anywhere else. And down the street from me is Workshops of the Restoration, a wonderful place.
—Norman Chesterwood
Old Latonia