No. 101 on the Power 100?

I noticed in your Power 100 list (Feb. 2010) what was probably an oversight. You listed both the Cincinnati Regional Chamber and the Hispanic Chamber presidents but failed to list the president of the African American Chamber. Oversight? Did I miss it? Was he even considered? Or did he not make the list?  
Jim Clingman
Former Founder and Director of the African American Chamber, Cincinnati

Editor’s note: We respect the efforts of the African American Chamber, but based on local influence, we chose the NAACP led by Christopher Smitherman.

Criticism of Freedom Center was Inappropriate

You open your Agenda (Feb.) editorial about the Freedom Center’s new lynching exhibit with the question, “Is that the kind of history we want to remember?” I find that question entirely inappropriate. Only learning that history which you want to remember is an insult to all those who fought and died to try to make those less glamorous parts of our history…well, history. Your argument to sweep under the rug the parts that make you uncomfortable because of their admittedly graphic “truth” misses the point. George Santayana famously said over a century ago that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It is imperative that we as a society learn from our mistakes and understand, in graphic detail if necessary, why we must not repeat these same mistakes. This is an exhibit at the Freedom Center, not an amusement park. If we are not to learn this truth here, then where? In a land where teens regularly view real and simulated violence on TV and in video games, these images are not likely to unnecessarily frighten or shock unsuspecting schoolchildren. The harshness of these photos pale in comparison to the truth they depict. School kids are by definition supposed to be learning, and the idea that you are arguing to keep those children from learning anything that might make them uncomfortable, despite their undeniable truth and historical significance, is more frightening than the images themselves.

John Wallpe, Cincinnati

Thanks for Questioning Lynching Exhibit

We salute you for your article “Memo to Freedom Center: Aw C’mon, Why Lynching?” Our feelings exactly! Good job.

Marion Allman, Springdale