The article on me and Coney Island (“The Man Who Keeps Coney Island Spinning,” June/July issue) was in a word ... Great.

You cannot believe the number of calls and the positive comments I’ve received after your magazine “hit the stands.” I sincerely appreciate the way the story was executed and can’t thank you enough.
Vic Nolting, President
Coney Island Amusement Park
Anderson Township

I would like to know what is your connection to the Health Alliance and/or Christ Hospital. Your article “Hospital Gotcha” (June/July) is clearly just an editorial comment. To start out with the comment that the charges were brought by a “disgruntled” cardiologist and to end predicting that the hospital will prevail, without giving any real facts about the case, shows an obvious bias.

Now, I don’t know whether the charges are true or not in this case and therefore I can’t make a “prediction” of the outcome as you have. You also have another article, “Target Death” (Health section, June/ July), that mentions that Christ Hospital will begin to offer a new treatment, Mammosite, later this summer. This is a treatment that has been offered at TriHealth hospitals for six years already. It has not been shown to be more effective than standard radiation. It is hopefully as good.

The same article mentions that the Barrett Cancer Center will be getting real time, image-guided radiation. This is already being done at The Atrium Medical Center in Middletown.

It seems to me that you are promoting the Health Alliance and Christ Hospital without really knowing what else is going on in the community. Did anyone do any research, or did the PR department just send you a press release?
Daniel White
Mt. Airy

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