When November hits, people often start thinking more about what they can do to help others in need. According to Tim Mettey, CEO of Matthew 25: Ministries in Blue Ash, nonprofits can feel the same way.

Matthew 25, a humanitarian and disaster relief organization that was founded in 1991, collects donated items and corporate excess—“Things that they normally would throw away but there’s nothing wrong with it. It may just be a package may have been mislabeled or the wrong scent or there might be a little bit of a mis-stich or something in clothing,” says Mettey—and uses it to help people in need in 40 different countries and throughout the United States. However, during November and December, Matthew 25 uses its events to help others close to home.

“We love helping Cincinnati obviously and everyone around it, but we just like these types of things,” he says. “We don’t have to do them, it’s more like we want to do them. They’re not fundraisers for us… We want to make sure that we are able to do things for the community.”

It starts first with the annual Hunger 5K, held Nov. 4. Started 11 years ago, the event assists area food pantries and shelters. “A lot of the smaller food pantries get food from us because they usually run out of food during the holiday season,” says Mettey. “I think it’s [47] small pantries here in Cincinnati that we give out the food to.”

Those who would like to participate can sign up online as an individual or team. Participants can either run or walk—Mettey says about 60 percent of those who participate walk, making it ideal for families. There’s also a party in the Matthew 25 warehouse afterwards.

Dec. 1-2, Matthew 25 will host three performances of Tickets the Radio Play. A play based on a short story written by Matthew 25 founder Rev. Wendell Mettey. In 2012, it was adapted into a stage play, which follows the actors who are performing the piece for the radio.

“There’s kind of a play within the play. We do all the sound effects ourselves. It’s just a really neat, fun thing. It’s for the whole family to come and see,” says Mettey. The play is held at Matthew 25, and you can purchase tickets on its website.

Another event Matthew 25 hosts is the A Kid Again Christmas party. Matthew 25 has hosted the annual Christmas party for A Kid Again, a nonprofit that plans adventures for terminally ill children and their families, for several years. According to Mettey, it’s an over-the-top celebration that features superheroes, games, magicians, food and more. However, for second year in a row, Matthew 25 has decided to do something different.

“We normally had this party for just them. But we got this all set up for the kids, so we thought, ‘OK, so that next day we might as well do it again and raise money for A Kid Again,’” says Mettey. On Dec. 11, families from throughout the community are invited to come to Matthew 25 to enjoy the event while helping A Kid Again.

Matthew 25 may be hosting these events for the holiday season, but people can give to them and other area nonprofits throughout the year.

“Everybody hears about us in times of disasters, but we do this all year long. We will continue the work,” says Mettey. “This is every day for us and we want to make sure that people know that they can count on us to do it.”

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