Chris Mack is Xavier University. The 1992 XU grad was a two-time team captain for the basketball team under Pete Gillen. He began his coaching career under Skip Prosser, first at XU and then at Wake Forest before returning to the Musketeers as an assistant under Sean Miller.

When Miller left for Arizona after the 2008-09 season, Mack was the choice to take over one of the country's best Division I programs. In two years he's made his mark. He's led the Musketeers to 50 wins, 29 of them in the Atlantic 10, consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and he's built a following of 9,000 on Twitter.

Expectations are high this season. The Musketeers are nationally ranked in the pre-season polls and have a returning All-American in senior guard Tu Holloway to lead the roster.

What do you like best about this team?

I like the fact that we have several talented players. We have answers at almost every position. We have a good mix of experienced guys but a year from now I don't feel like we'll have to start over.

Any concern over how your players will handle this attention?

Sure, there is concern because human nature is to fall into a sense of "¢Hey, we've arrived' or be comfortable. We haven't earned anything. Do I like the recognition for our program? Absolutely. It helps in recruiting. People in California are going to pick up the newspaper and they're going to see in USA Today "¢Xavier,' which is a great thing, but it doesn't mean that this group of guys has accomplished anything.

What have you learned the first two years as a head coach?

I can never turn off thinking about our basketball program. As an assistant coach I could go home and figure out what we were going to eat for dinner or if we're going to go to a movie later. Now it consumes me. I take a bad practice home and am consumed by it until the next practice has started and we practice better.

What got you into Twitter?

Mario Mercurio. I didn't know anything about it. He's our director of operations. A couple of years ago he said he thought it would be a good thing for our program and a good way to connect to fans. I didn't have any idea. I didn't see the relevance in it and I didn't see why people were so fascinated with it. I still don't, but I think it's fun.

Do you have a Twitter editor?

I keep that edit button there to make sure. Every once in a while I'll show my wife the Blackberry and say "¢Can I Tweet this?' Usually when I ask, it's when I shouldn't Tweet it.

At least I have that devil and angel that sit on my shoulder and tell me what I can and can't do.