I often hear that word of mouth advertising is the strongest means of business promotion. This could very well be true. You could ask yourself, however, how often have you purchased a product as a result of an advertisement, maybe a radio jingle? To me it just seems easier to go out and make a buy if it's been in my little world, either spoken about, or seen.

This is why I am so excited about our first bi-monthly issue. Inside you will see the first annual Cincinnati's Guide to Advertising and Marketing, in cooperation with the Advertising Club of Cincinnati. We look to inform all those getting ready to make up marketing plans for 2006 with local advice from experts in the industry. It's only fitting in how often we hear from our clients during the fall to get back with them at the end of the year when they have their new budgets.

Also included is our first ever cover story not on a local business person, but the Maisonette. Steeped in tradition and a Cincinnati gem for so many years, the restaurant is now gone, bar stools and all. Our editorial staff hopes you see the intrigue in what drove us from our typical profile. We were drawn to find out what was going on behind the scenes with its history of royal lineage and patrons with fervent loyalties looking to keep the doors open at all costs. Probably the most striking thing that we found was that up until just months ago much of what was happening was under all our radar, similar to that of the Banks project.

So does no word of mouth or fixture in our daily lives mean no new business, or does it mean something more? Find out in this issue of Cincy Business.