Chiropractic Medicine, This approach can work out the kinks.

For 54-year-old Bill Radin of Mt. Washington, his chiropractor did much more than realign his spine. It realigned his daily living.
"I can honestly say my chiropractor saved my life," says Radin, who travels frequently, conducting seminars and training for executive recruiters. Other back treatments didn't seem to work for him. "I went from 10 weeks of bed rest, atrophied muscles and an extremely low morale, to a completely upbeat, changed attitude," Radin recalls. "Within a week, I was back at work."

Dr. Philip Carl Rafey, DC, of Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center, Inc., says many people experience a turnaround like this when a chiropractor treats their individualized needs. It's creating a shift in the back-pain treatment paradigm. "Just like people now see the dentist for regular checkups to prevent tooth decay, I think everyone will see their chiropractor for regular checkups to prevent 'spinal decay'," he remarks.

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