At the MoviesMovies
“Cinema Carnegie” is a newly created film series at Covington’s Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, which will feature independent movies (including winners from the Sundance Film Festival), documentaries, short subjects, repertory favorites, art house treasures and conversations with the filmmakers themselves. It all happens on the final Saturday of each month in the recently renovated Otto M. Budig Theatre — this month, look for the classic Casablanca at 7:30 p.m. on April 26. And in May, it’s a screening of A Lion in the House along with the filmmakers (who were nominated for an Academy Award for this look at childhood cancer’s impact on families). The Carnegie is located at 1028 Scott Blvd. in Covington. Admission to all films is $8. Call (859) 957-1940 or consult
A Certain Esprit d’Corpse
Here’s a grave thought: Cincy is the city where the American Cemetery Association was founded. The plot thickens even more: The town is also home to Spring Grove, one of the country’s largest graveyards as well as the final home to famous folks such as Cincy’s first millionaire, Nicholas Longworth; Salmon P. Chase, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; grocer Barney Kroger, and William Procter and James Gamble. Like to check out where other celebrities are buried? Hee Haw star Kenny Price is planted at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, and both longtime local TV personality Paul Dixon and Reds first baseman Ted Kluszewski reside at Gate Of Heaven Catholic Cemetery.
Freebie for the KidsKids
The best place in Cincy to take your toddlers may well be the Contemporary Arts Center. And before any parent thinks this is nutty, we’re not talking about the edgy art displays or nudie photos. The top floor of the downtown facility is devoted to a little-known “UnMuseum,” designed for children ages five and up. The UnMuseum comes complete with a terrific arts-and-crafts center, with free clay, posterboard, art supplies, neon-colored foam, beads, and more. Best yet, admission is absolutely free on Monday evenings from 5 to 9 p.m.; other times, regular admission applies (see the calendar for prices and hours of operation). The CAC’s UnMuseum is located at 44 E. Sixth St. Call (513) 345–8400 or consult