For our Most Interesting People feature I had the opportunity to interview Courtis Fuller of WLWT at the station. It was a fun conversation that covered Courtis’ fascinatingly varied life, but towards the end Courtis turned the interview on me (he’s a reporter, too, after all) and asked me why I had become a journalist.

I usually only get asked when the issue will be available, so I was momentarily thrown. Why do I do this?

Thankfully I came up with an answer for him before I embarrassed myself, but the question (and my answer) stuck with me as I drove back to the Cincy Magazine office.

Why am I an editor and writer? Because I love telling people’s stories. I read all the time as a kid (just ask my sister) and wanted to be a writer from an early age. I fell in love with the idea of telling true stories in high school and my passion for the field just grew from there.

Because I love telling people’s stories, I was thrilled that we decided to bring back the Most Interesting People feature this year. After all, that’s the essence of what this feature is. It gives us at Cincy the opportunity to talk with people who’ve led remarkable lives and write about them. I can’t think of anything better.

We selected this year’s Most Interesting People, but we know there are other interesting people out there. Who should we have included? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #CincyMIPs—we’d love some recommendations for next year. We know there are more people’s stories to tell.

– Corinne Minard, Managing Editor

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