The spirit of care found in Mercy Health Partners is all in the numbers: six hospitals, three health and wellness centers, more than 20 primary and specialty care physicians in Greater Cincinnati, a home care service, four senior communities offering a full range of care from independent living to skilled nursing, plus two independent living cottages and garden home communities and one independent living apartment community for people on limited incomes.

But this is not an impersonal mega-complex. Instead, the four locations in Hamilton, Western Hills, Mariemont and Springfield Township are mini, self-contained, welcoming communities with the ability to connect to other care providers.

“We’re very connected in a field that allows people to move according to the care they need,” says Kelly Martin, director of business development for Mercy Senior Health & Housing Services.

“Moving once is hard enough,” she says, “but being in a place where the faces and the people are the same and can follow you through various levels of care is less jarring and more comforting.”

The four locations are all plugged into the Mercy care system to cover everything from rehabilitation to daily living help and long and short term nursing, even respite care.

The ability to provide continuing care “is something people look for” more and more when they are looking at on-site communities,” says Martin. “But we also do a lot of rehabilitation with people who come for therapy and end up going home.”

Whatever their needs, there’s a connection for everyone in the Mercy system.

Mercy Health Partners’ Senior Health & Housing Services