43 Top Specialists In The Tristate, Nominated By Their Peers

It might be your mother’s questionable mammogram, or your son’s soccer injury that hasn’t healed, or the return of those awful migraines. Whatever the situation, who do you turn to when you want an appointment with the best doctor available in your community?
As the practice of medicine advances and becomes ever more specialized, choosing a doctor has become a science in itself. There is plenty of information out there, from medical licensing boards to internet sources. But peer review — a foundation of medical science — offers a unique form of professional assessment.

Rather than attempt our own survey of Greater Cincinnati physicians, Cincy is collaborating with Best Doctors in America, Inc., which was founded in 1989 by doctors affiliated with the Harvard University School of Medicine. Best Doctors has been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®), the agency responsible for certifying continuing medical education for physicians.

The Best Doctors survey asks physicians: “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” The responses form the basis of the Best Doctors database. Specialists complete ballots on other doctors in their own and related specialties. During this nine- to 12-month period, doctors may also nominate and provide information on other doctors who they think should be considered in this peer review process. In addition to the consensus of peer support, the Best Doctors staff conducts additional research on each physician based on licensure, certification, disciplinary actions and clinical activity. Doctors who are included as a result of meeting the qualification criteria are sent surveys with very specific questions about their practices. The database is constantly updated by survey data and through direct communications with physicians. Best Doctors does not pay physicians to be in this database, and doctors cannot pay to be included. The only way a physician can be listed in the Best Doctors database is to receive a high enough overall score through the peer-review polling process.

Greater Cincinnati is blessed with a multitude of physicians, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized for their skills and accomplishments. By no means does this list encompass all of them. Omission from this database does not diminish or disparage the professional abilities and expertise of other physicians in our communities.

Best Doctors in America Inc. constantly strives to improve its database, and is open to suggestions. For example, the organization is working to expand participation of physicians in the growing Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana suburbs.

— The Editors

This list is excerpted from The Best Doctors in America 2008® database, which includes more than 40,000 doctors in more than 40 medical specialties.

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