Here's proof that giving to charity can be a racing good time: A team of a dozen Procter & Gamble engineers raised thousands of dollars for the United Way of Greater Cincinnati by rebuilding an old race car. How?
The engineering team, self-professed "gear heads" who watch shows like the Discovery Channel's American Chopper, entered the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge in Gainesville, Fla. The competition required participating teams to spend no more than $2,007 on their cars and the rebuilding process.
The engineers bought a 1986 Chevrolet Corvette for $1,400 and went to work, dubbing their creation Cheaparral 2J2. At the challenge, they beat out their 50 competitors in every category, including best-engineered award, top-finishing team award and the Challenge Overall Champion award.
While you might think the engineers would hold on to the car after that kind of finish, especially after it was both signed and test-driven by racing legend Jim Hall and late-night comedian Jay Leno, the team had another idea in mind. They sold the car on eBay for $13,200 and donated the proceeds to United Way.
"Right from the get-go, when we thought we were going to build something from scratch, we wanted to sell it and give the money to a charity," says Stoyan Lokar, Cheapparal team leader. Because P&G is such a big supporter of the United Way, the team agreed all of the proceeds from the car should go there.