With a global reputation as an collectible art appraiser and dealer, Reyne Haines has a refined eye for art"”an appreciation she shares with her family. That's why their house could never be anything typical or mundane.


When Reyne and her husband, Tim, first walked into what is now their home in the Clifton gaslight area, their real estate agent assured them, "Oh, you don't want this house." But as they examined the architecture and layout, and pulled back the living room carpet to reveal hardwood floors, they realized it was exactly what they wanted.

"I could see how this nice house could be a great house"”at least for people like me," Reyne recalls.


Built in 1951 by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the house is a small, low-slung ranch tucked into a hillside above Lafayette Avenue. "It's an oddball on this street," Haines notes. "There were six castles on this street and now there are four standing. This house doesn't fit in."


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