There are some business dinners where you actually need to do business. This requires a restaurant that makes an impression, but not such an impression that it distracts from the work at hand.

The Napa Grill fills this role nicely. Those who recall J's seafood restaurant in Hyde Park remember a quiet, classy but not pretentious place with good food and exceptional service. Napa Grill opened in the J's location with a contemporary menu and a special emphasis on fine wines.

The atmosphere and attitude are behaved. This is still a place where what's said in private can remain private, and patrons are not bombarded with background clamor or annoying music. The Napa Grill has plenty of elbow room. You can stretch a little after a long day and spread out plans. There's no private room, but Manager Craig Nuncio talks to every customer and can happily accommodate your needs. With a little notice he can get you a quiet spot in the side room for chat, even for a large group.

Another strategic advantage is location. If you're pulling business diners together from Northern Kentucky, downtown, Blue Ash and West Chester, the Napa Grill would make an easy rendezvous with its location right off the Dana Avenue exit from I-71.

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