There’s now a reason to dine every day at The Butcher and Barrel restaurant at 700 Race St. in downtown Cincinnati—great deals on delicious meals.

The Butcher and Barrel is offering special deals nearly every day of the week during its “A Reason to Gather Every Day” promotion to entice customers to come in and try its mouthwatering entrees, says Lisa K. Colina, director of communications and events for Ignite Entertainment Cincinnati.

The Butcher and Barrel promotion is taking some of the items it feels most passionately about—the dishes and drinks it puts the most work into—and showcasing them for customers, she says. Those items include homemade pastas, signature burgers, wine, steak and Milanesa, says Colina.

On Tuesdays, the upscale Argentine steakhouse offers its handmade pastas at half the normal price, she says. “We make all of our pasta fresh every day in house,” Colina says.

Some of the pasta-making tools that were used by one of the owner’s grandparents, whose grandmother taught him how to make pasta in Argentina, are the same tools The Butcher and Barrel uses today to make its pastas, she says. “The difference between a fresh-made pasta versus a boxed pasta is unparalleled. You can get these $25 pasta dishes for $12.50, so it’s pretty crazy,” she says.

On Wednesdays, the restaurant is offering its signature burgers for $8. The burgers are incredibly juicy because The Butcher and Barrel grinds its own ground beef blend, and they go great with a side of handmade steak fries made with Kennebec potatoes, says Colina. “They are phenomenal,” she adds.

Thursdays offer half-price wine by the bottle, says Colina. “Wine pairs really well with grilled meat,” she says. “And our servers are incredibly knowledgeable and can sell you a wonderful bottle of wine that would serve perfectly with your dinner.”

The Butcher and Barrel offers a $75 feast for two on Fridays, featuring a 22-ounce porterhouse steak, a shared salad and two shareable sides. “That’s $75 for two folks and you will not leave hungry,” says Colina.

The steak is topped with the restaurant’s famous chimichurri sauce. “It’s incredibly authentic, super fresh, really bright and it really adds a lot to every dish,” says Colina.

The shareable side dishes are large portions of everything, from gnocchi with a cream truffle sauce to creamy mashed potatoes to caramelized Brussels sprouts with garlic butter, bacon, truffle and white wine.

On Sundays, The Butcher and Barrel offers Milanesa dishes at half-price. Milanesa is an Italian tradition in which chicken is butterflied, pounded very thin and then lightly breaded and fried.

Milanesa dishes can be topped with mozzarella cheese, two fried eggs or prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, says Colina. “That’s also served with our hand-cut Kennebec steak fries.”

The Butcher and Barrel is open Tuesday through Sunday at 3:30 p.m. for happy hour and dinner service starts at 5 p.m.