With 22 years of experience at Newport Syndicate under her belt, Sharon Forton, owner and operator at Newport Syndicate, knows the importance of a wedding. “People are always hung up on the design, but they always forget about the party itself,” says Forton. “People remember how much fun they had, not the little details.”

The Newport Syndicate has two rooms that can be used for receptions. These rooms are complete with dance floors that really bring the party to life. The Grand Ballroom has one of the largest dance floors in the Cincinnati area, and the Ambassador Room has a recessed marble sunken dance floor. The Ambassador Room also has a built-in surround system that allows for the party to be heard loud and clear.

The Grand Ballroom has a capacity of 420 people and the Ambassador Room has a capacity of 300 people. Both ballrooms are popular for wedding receptions. Newport Syndicate has the ability to host a California-style ceremony and reception for up to 450 guests.

All of the catering is done on-site and the wedding couple works with a gourmet chef to craft their perfect menu. Newport Syndicate also offers a complimentary tasting beforehand to ensure that everything meets the expectations of the bride and groom. The reception can also include cake cutting and plating, china and glassware, setup and cleanup, linens, centerpieces, and chair covers. The reception includes a 5-hour time slot, as well.

Newport Syndicate hosts about 100 weddings a year. “By the end of January we have every weekend booked,” Forton says. Forton has planned about 2,500 weddings throughout her career. “We can really help people from making mistakes,” Forton says, “or at least present them with the possible outcome before they make a decision. We want people to be happy that they decided to come to the event.”

Whether you’re thinking of a more traditional or a more custom wedding, Newport Syndicate offers both. “The times have really changed. We do more themed weddings than we use to,” Forton says. Some of the themes that Newport Syndicate have done in the past include Superhero, Masquerade, and even a Speakeasy-themed wedding. They also have an Alice in Wonderland theme scheduled for 2018.

“I always tell people there is no wedding police. You can do whatever you want,“ Forton says. “Guests should attend the wedding saying ‘This is just like something they would do,’” regarding the bride and groom. “We want to create whatever vision they have,” Forton says.

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