Few companies have shown a greater commitment to the Greater Cincinnati community than the law firm of Wood Herron & Evans. Founded in 1868, Wood Herron & Evans has been a leader in the field of intellectual property law for nearly 150 years.

Headquartered in downtown Cincinnati’s Carew Tower since the 1930s, when the art-deco skyscraper was completed, Wood Herron & Evans remains the exclusive intellectual property boutique law firm in Greater Cincinnati, says Kate Smith, partner.

“The commitment to our clients, the commitment to the city, the commitment to the intellectual property practice and commitment to providing quality legal services for our clients, that hallmark of commitment really runs through the story of [Wood Herron & Evans],” says Smith.

It’s a story rooted in the formation of the law firm by Col. Edmund Wood in 1868 in Cincinnati. At that time, just as the economy was rebounding from the Civil War, the speed of innovations was accelerating and Wood began acquiring patents for farming equipment and machine tools, new inventions and modes of transportation.

That legacy of protecting intellectual property—intangible property such as copyrights, patents and trademarks that can be protected under federal and state law—continues to this day. 

The firm used to market itself as the only intellectual property law firm west of the Allegheny Mountains, says Smith. There may be an individual lawyer in Cincinnati who has one or two others working for them that specializes in intellectual property law, she says, but no one has 52 attorneys dedicated solely to protecting intellectual property rights.

“We’re really the only exclusive intellectual property boutique firm in Greater Cincinnati,” says Smith.

Leslie Brown Robey, client relations manager for Wood Herron & Evans, says that boutique experience is important to clients. “People love that feel of boutique,” says Robey. “It feels personal. It doesn’t feel huge, corporate. It feels good. It feels personal. It feels family.”

Although that focus on intellectual property law is rooted in the firm’s beginnings, Wood Herron & Evans attorneys continue to stay up to date on today’s innovations, technologies and changes in the law.

For example, a new law enacted a few years ago, the America Invents Act, means that inventors now have to be the first to file a patent application in order to protect their intellectual property rights, says Smith.

“That’s had an impact on our patent attorneys in particular because it means that we need to be meeting with inventors pronto, as soon as they start developing their invention,” Smith says.

The beauty for inventors is that because Wood Herron & Evans is located in Cincinnati inventors can get quality legal services for a great value. “They deliver the highest quality of work, but they don’t have to charge the prices of the [Washington] D.C.-based firm or a New York-based firm or Chicago-based firm,” says Robey.

Smith agrees that Wood Herron & Evans is a great value for clients. ““We’ve got the expertise of [intellectual property] practices on the coast—West Coast and East Coast, or Chicago or [Washington] D.C.—but we’ve got Midwestern prices.” 

For more information about Wood Herron & Evans go online to whe-law.com.