Travelers are always VIPs when they fly with Ultimate Air Shuttle, which has both public and private charter flights at two convenient terminals at Lunken and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International airports. Rick Pawlak, managing director with Ultimate Air Shuttle, says, “It is VIP all the way,” with many great amenities in the lounge and during flights.

“There is the public charter, that is Ultimate Air Shuttle,” says Pawlak. “That is what everybody is familiar with in Cincinnati.”

There are eight Dornier jets with a 30-seat capacity in the fleet that fly passengers from Cincinnati to Charlotte, N.C; Chicago, Morristown, N.J.; and Memphis, Tenn. Ultimate Air boasts many services that set the company apart, including no baggage fees, no cancellation fees, the ability to arrive 15 minutes before scheduled flight, complimentary drinks and a light breakfast on morning flights with a snack plate in the evening, free parking and a shuttle between CVG and Lunken. Mercedes Sprinter van shuttle is provided courtesy of Mercedes Benz of Ft. Mitchell.

Ultimate Air Shuttle was founded in 2009 and commenced operations in July of that year, with public charter flights operating on a published schedule. Pawlak says the parent company, Ultimate JetCharters, offers a service beneficial to business trips.

“Many people do not know that our parent company offers private flights as well across the country in addition to Canada, Caribbean and Mexico,” he says.

Ultimate JetCharters has been in business since 1984, and offers corporate shuttle services to Fortune 500 companies, sport teams, group travel and casino trips throughout the United States. Pawlak says there are many promotions offered online such as first time traveler discounts, an Ultimate Weekend Getaway package that runs from May 1 through Sept. 14, and more.

Corporate shuttle services with Ultimate JetCharters operate with senior management needs in mind, whether it is making transitions between headquarters and other locations convenient and efficient or maximizing the potential of an organization. The services boost morale for employees and employers alike.

Employee productivity and morale are essential to the success of a company, and often times personnel must move between locations, says a brochure on the parent company’s website. The company aims to facilitate these moves, and provide senior management ease of mind. The promotions and incentives offered by the charter company drives corporations to continue to take part in Ultimate Air Shuttle and Ultimate JetCharters services. “We do a lot of incentive trips for corporations,” says Pawlak. “They take care of their top producers and maybe take a golf trip for example.”

Future destinations may be added “hopefully soon,” says Pawlak. “Ultimate Air Shuttle is always evaluating where it is going to go next, so stay tuned.”