Billed as a “one-stop entertainment destination” on its website, THE WEB Extreme Entertainment really does have everything. The large complex houses a multi-platform laser tag arena, go karts, mini bowling, mini golf and arcade games. And while it’s a popular spot for family outings and birthday parties, it has a lot to offer the business community, as well.

“We have all kinds of companies that come out here,” says founder Jerry Weber. From big companies like P&G to smaller groups such as local banks, corporate events at THE WEB are becoming a major part of the business.

Weber says he first started thinking about laser tag as a business venture in the 1990s. “It looked like a good fit,” he says of the entertainment industry. Since then, Weber’s laser tag business has expanded, and moved to its current location in West Chester in 2010.

“Most companies will typically do a meeting lunch and then they’ll do some events after,” Weber says. “I think it’s one of those things that when companies come out here, they’re trying to get people to relax with each other. They just want people to open up and start communicating.”

Different activities yield different results. Laser tag can bring out the leaders in the group, but Weber says the most popular corporate event activity is go kart racing. “It’s competitive,” he says, “so it’s a lot of fun for companies.”

A new attraction, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, has also recently opened at THE WEB. Groups of up to 12 people enter a room with a chained-up zombie and must solve puzzles in order to escape. Every few minutes, the zombie’s chain lengthens, and teams’ objectives are to solve the puzzles and get out of the room before the zombie touches them. “This is a really big teambuilding thing,” Weber says. A moderator in the room can provide feedback on players’ strengths and weaknesses.

While these events may seem unconventional for companies, it’s a unique way to bring employees outside of the workplace. “There’s one guy that no one had ever seen smile,” says Weber of a recent corporate event. “Coming here was the first time they’d seen this guy smile in 20 years.”

And this smiling translates to better communication and cooperation in the workplace. “People learn to communicate in a relaxed way and to not have as many worries,” says Weber. “The advantage that we offer is that we have everything in one location. We have all these attractions, and we can do [events] in a fun manner, or we can do them in a team-building manner.”

Every company’s event is tailored specifically to its needs. Meeting rooms are available for groups that want them, and an audio/visual setup is provided for companies that wish to make presentations.

Corporate event packages include half-day, full-day and overnight events. THE WEB is set up to provide food, as well as exclusive access to its facilities. According to Weber, many of the companies come back every year. With group sizes ranging from 10 to 250, companies can completely customize their experiences.

THE WEB also hosts birthday parties and private events, which can accommodate up to 600 people. Walk-in business is also welcome, with specials on the activities every weekday. There is a café and an ice-cream shop located in the complex. Laser tag enthusiasts farther north can also enjoy Weber’s Dayton laser tag arena.