One way to describe Orchestrate Technologies is young.

Clients won’t find anyone older than 40 working in the company, but there are years upon years of combined experience looking to help small and medium companies as a strategic technology partner.

In business for just over a year, Orchestrate Tech attracts new clients through networking and its “vibrant and precise” workforce. Despite being new to the market, Orchestrate Tech has been very successful in growing locally, nationally and, by the end of the year, internationally.

“We use soft networking because this industry is based on trust and personality,” says Vincent Williams, co-owner and partner at Orchestrate Technologies. “It has really allowed us to grow and prosper.”

Its clients include health care, manufacturing, nonprofits, apartment communities and service industries.

“We provide a superior product and better pricing,” says Williams.

Co-owner and partner Jonathan Bristow says that the process that Orchestrate Tech takes involves coming in and molding technology to help the client company shape its future through technology and trust by intertwining the businesses.

Orchestrate Tech specializes in support and deployment of Office 365 products, network support and Sophos Security product line. Orchestrate Tech also specializes in VoIP integration or voice over Internet protocol, which allows customers to communicate via multimedia sessions over a network.

Williams says that to orchestrate a situation or device is to blend or bring multiple elements together to create a harmonious balance or synergy.

He describes this blend as “seamless” because the services and solutions that Orchestrate Tech provides are simple, dependable and reliable.

Williams says that Orchestrate Tech can connect multiple client sites at a fraction of the cost of their competitors while maintaining the same security guidelines across the entire organization.

Orchestrate experts can help businesses with custom application development, business-to-business integration systems, supply chain management, enterprise application integration, and more.

Orchestrate Tech also looks to provide a “competitive advantage” to their clients, helping them succeed.

This success then helps Orchestrate Tech grow in the market via word of mouth.

While Orchestrate Tech is not limiting itself to small and medium businesses, Williams says that it will move into what fits for the company.

One project that Orchestrate Tech is spearheading involves transitioning a large company to a paperless system, which will save the company cost on labor and errors.

It’s not all about technology at Orchestrate, though.

Orchestrate Tech sponsors and contributes to nonprofits, including InReturn, the YMCA, United Way and The Salvation Army of Northern Kentucky.

“We want to tangibly give back to the community,” says Williams.

Orchestrate Tech has sponsored golf outings for InReturn, and YMCA for Boone and Campbell counties. The company also refurbishes and donates old PCs to local nonprofits.

Orchestrate Tech is based out of Old Montgomery and is expanding its office for the second time this year due to growth.

“We have grown organically with our clients as they have grown,” says Williams.