Cincy’s Tristate Success Award winners are leaders in business growth in the region — but that doesn’t mean they all share the same views. We conducted an informal poll of our winners to get their opinions on some of the biggest issues facing companies today.

1. The state of the regional economy in 2010 is:

A. Worse than 2009: 19.2%
B. Status quo: 42.3%
C. On the rebound: 38.5%

2. The key to your business success in a tough economy is:

A. Employee capabilities and efficiency: 57.7%
B. Expense reduction: 11.5%
C. New revenue stream/projects: 30.8%

3. The biggest hurdle within the region for
business growth over the next five years is:

A. Qualified workers: 7.7%
B. Government regulations/taxes: 42.3%
C. Available capital: 23.1%
D. Economy: 26.9%