Despite its status as one of the region's largest law firms, Reminger still prefers to think small.

Focusing on building partnerships with its clients, staying involved in its communities and ever mindful of its social conscience, the firm, now with 10 offices throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, hasn't strayed far from the sensibilities of founder Robert Reminger's one-man law practice.

"We're a large regional, full-service firm that still has a very personal touch, the heart and soul of a smaller firm," says Robert Hojnoski, who serves as managing partner of Reminger Co.'s 11-attorney Cincinnati office.

Founded in Cleveland in 1958, the Reminger's practice started out catering mainly to clients in the trucking business. As its client roster grew, so did its footprint, expanding throughout the state in the 1990s, opening its doors in Cincinnati in 1996 and branching out to Kentucky soon after.

120 Lawyers

With a roster of more than 120 attorneys and 300 employees, the firm has been recognized for excellence. U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers ranked 13 of the firm's practice groups with "first tier" designations. The firm has also been lauded for its work inside the legal community and the community-at-large.

Reminger donates hundreds of hours each year to Ohio universities mentoring law students, and has been a leading advocate for both women and minorities in the practice of law. Internally, it has in place a mentoring program for its female attorneys. Externally, its lawyers were instrumental in the establishment of the Ohio Women's Bar Association and have fueled its continued growth.

The firm's Commitment to our Community Initiative also provides pro-bono legal services and financial support to dozens of nonprofits and individuals in need throughout the region.

Forging Relationships

"These are things, I think, that we've shown are very important to us," adds Hojnoski. "It goes back to that heart and soul of a smaller firm. It's important to us to forge relationships with people and our community. That's also reflected in the relationships we have with our clients."

The firm's client roster ranges from some of the Fortune 500's pillars to small, family-owned businesses and individuals. The firm's Cincinnati office not only handles some of the Queen City's largest companies, but is also representing one of the victims of last summer's Indiana State Fair stage collapse.

"We're a close-knit group," he says of the office's attorneys. "We have personal relationships with each other, we get together socially outside the office. We get together with our clients, and have close ties with them, too. We answer our own phones, which sometimes shocks people. But if you need us, you've got a direct number for us. We're there, on the other end of the phone anytime you need us. You don't always get that with large firms."

Client Service

It's also manifested in services Reminger provides to clients.

If there are case developments or new laws that are likely to affect clients' businesses, the firm updates them free of charge. It also offers free webinars on important topics and routinely sends attorneys to companies to help them keep their workers up-to-date on important issues, also at no charge.

That, too, is rare service from large firms, says Hojnoski.

"We're not going to charge for every little thing. It's our way to say thank you for your business in the past and, hopefully, in the future. We're going to share our expertise, our advice. If you have a quick question, give us a call and we'll give you an answer," he explains. "We're not going to bill you for a half hour, every phone call. We value our clients and try to take care of them the best we can"” it's like staying in the Ritz Carlton and paying Marriott prices." -