Cincy's MANNY Award winners are leaders in the local manufacturing industry "” but they don't all have the same views. We took an informal poll of this year's winners to get their opinions on some of the biggest issues for manufacturing today.

1. What is your company's employment outlook for 2010?
A. We expect to add employees: 81.8%
B. We expect to keep the same number of employees: 18.2%
C. We might have to decrease our number of employees: 0%

2. What is the best way to bring new manufacturing jobs to Cincinnati?
A. Increase economic development incentives and recruitment efforts: 54.5%
B. Lower taxes for manufacturers: 18.2%
C. Cut government red tape and regulations: 27.3%

3. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate the overall climate for manufacturing in the Tristate?
(One being terrible, 10 being excellent.)
Average rating: 7
Highest rating: 10
Lowest rating: 4

4. To what extent has your company committed to green/environmental initiatives?
A. It is a main focus of our business: 36.4%
B. We have taken some steps to "green" our business: 63.6%
C. We might consider it in the future, but we have other concerns now: 0%
D. We do not plan to incorporate green initiatives into our business: 0%